Centerpoint School District Olds Foundation Family Center


Parents or Legal Guardians of children ages 3-4 in the Centerpoint School District.  


What is it?

READY! provides targets, training and tools to families and caregivers.  It is designed so that young children learn by gentle repetition through short, frequent, and pleasant interactions. It also allows children to learn and explore in the security of their everyday routines and enviornments. English and Spanish versions available.  


What does it cost?

All workshops, materials and toys are provided at no cost to the families.  


When are READY! classes held?

New sessions are offered three times during the school year -- fall, winter, and spring.  Each session is 90 minutes.  The sessions are packed with information and activities you can enjoy at home with your child which includes: music, games, puzzles, movement, and conversations.  



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Centerpoint School District Olds Foundation Family Center
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