Operation Breakthrough

Class Information

Parent or Legal Guardian of children three to five years of age - Grandparents are welcome to audit classes with an eligible parent.

Arrive on Time
As a courtesy to all participants and instructors, we ask that if you are arriving more than 15 minutes late that you register to attend on a different date. Thank you!!

First-Time Enrollee?
Get your basic materials by attending the "Intro to READY!" mini-class which is held 30 minutes before the regular class begins. Sign up for both classes the first time you attend.

Who may attend?
A parent or legal guardian (proof of guardianship may be required). One additional adult may attend with you to "audit" the class, such as a spouse, grandparent, or friend, but only one set of learning materials will be provided per child. Each class is approximately 90 minutes long. Please come 10 minutes early to sign in.


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Operation Breakthrough
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