"READY! offers parents an integrated, incredibly organized, life style approach which enhances literacy, mathematics, and social-emotional development within a child's first five years."

~ Rae Smith,
Monadnock School District,
Swanzey, New Hampshire

Invest in School Success

Many communities invest in early learning to ensure a better quality of life for children and families. Join over 100 school boards, community foundations and local organizations who have funded the READY! for Kindergarten proven program that supports parents as their child's first and most influential teacher. 

Developed in 2002 by the Children's Reading Foundation and Kennewick (WA) School District, READY! for Kindergarten offers age-appropriate targets, trainings and tools for parents and caregivers of children birth to five years that ensure children success in school.

Benefits of Early Learning Resources

The Influential Years:  Birth to Five

From birth to five years, parents play a key role in shaping their child's developing language, literacy, math and social-emotional skills. When you provide READY! for Kindergarten classes, you help parents prepare their children to start school with established early learning skills. Through a series of classes, three times a year, READY! teaches parents how their children learn and develop, and then provides tools and activities for parents and children to enjoy together at home.    

Early Learning Equals Success in School

Research documenting the benefits of family-based early learning programs and purposeful play formed the READY! for Kindergarten model. Studies show children who start school prepared and meet common core standards, find it easier to stay on target and experience success in school.

Children are born learning. They naturally love to learn during their early years. When parents are empowered to work with that natural curiosity, communities enjoy the benefits! Consider funding a READY! for Kindergarten program. It's an investment that ensures success in school.
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