Vale Elementary-Cashmere School District


Parent or Legal Guardian of children four to five years of age who live within the boundaries of the CashmereSchool District. Grandparents are welcome to come to classes with an eligible parent.

Arrive on Time

As a courtesy to all participants and instructors, we ask that if you are arriving more than 15 minutes late that you register to attend on a different date. Thank you!!

Who may attend?

A parent or legal guardian (proof of guardianship may be required). One additional adult may attend with you to "audit" the class, such as a spouse, grandparent, or friend, but only one set of learning materials will be provided per child. Each class is approximately 60 minutes long. Please come 10 minutes early to sign in.


Call the Vale Office at 782-2211 and ask for Rhett or email

Contact Us

Vale Elementary-Cashmere School District
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