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Free parent workshops and tools.



Parent or Legal Guardian of children three to five years of age who live within the boundaries of the Casey Co. School District.

A parent or legal guardian (proof of guardianship may be required). One additional adult may attend with you to "audit" the class, such as a spouse, grandparent, or friend, but only one set of learning materials will be provided per child. Each class is approximately 90 minutes long.  Please come 10 minutes early to sign in.


Why focus on school readiness? Today, only 50% of kindergarteners nationwide are fully ready.

The academic skills of children on the first day of school greatly impact their entire education and the trajectory of the rest of their lives. The good news is that parents make a decisive difference.

Find out how families amplify early learning and maximize their child's potential and opportunities in school year-by-year, cradle to college.

Prepare your children for success in school.


Visit the READY website to sign up now.


First-Time Enrollee?

Get your basic materials by attending the "Intro to READY!" mini-class which is held 30 minutes before the first regular class begins.



Call the READY! office at 606-787-7985. Classes are held at Jones Park Elem. 606-787-1217 and Walnut Hill Elem. 606-787-0045 Classes will also be held in the spring at the Casey County Public Library.

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