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Welcome to Ready! for Kindergarten.  

This free educational parent-program is completed through a series of three modules (fall, winter, and spring) avaliable in-person at the Darlington Public Library or EdVenture in Hartsville.  Parents will receive materials and instructions for each class on age appropriate learning targets and activities to engage children in playful learning.  Parents then get to keep the materials so they can continue the playful learning at home where children learn best from the ones they love. We encourage parents to participate in all three modules.

Please be sure to sign-in to register for a class.  If you do not have an account, you can create one by clicking the sign-in tab at the top of the page.

Basic Information:

These free classes are offered to parents residing in the Darlington County boundaries with children ages 2-4.  Please select a class based on the age of your child and a location that works for you.

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