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Ready for Kindergarten program is free to attend thanks to the generosity of the Untied Way and Red Hat thrift store. 

The Winter Ready sessions start January 3, 2022 and close on February 6, 2022. These workshops are online only.


Parents or caregivers of children who live within the boundaries of Cowlitz County.  Some classes have specific eligibility as noted in the Class Schedule Notes Section.

4-5 Year class: children born between 9-1-16 and 8-31-17. Starts kindergarten in 2022
3-4 Year class: children born between 9-1-17 and 8-31-18. Starts kindergarten in 2023
2-3 Year class: children born between 9-1-18 and 8-31-19. Starts kindergarten in 2024
1-2 Year class: children born between 9-1-19 and 8-31-20. Starts kindergarten in 2025
Infant class: children born between 9-1-20 and 8-31-21. Starts kindergarten in 2026

First-time participant? 

Please complete the orientation, Intro to READY, to receive your binder.



Please call the Ready Specialist at 414-9212.  

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