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Welcome to South Kitsap School District's READY! for KINDERGARTEN. 

Free classes @ Orchard Heights Elementary School

Classes are offered free for parents and childcare providers of children ages birth to five. 90-minute sessions are lively and interactive, led by two facilitators. You will focus on targets that are research-based and developmentally appropriate ... and receive free tools to PLAY WITH A PURPOSE 10 minutes each day. Adults are also encouraged to READ ALOUD 20 minutes every day!

Infants attend sessions with parents. Two adults may attend on behalf of each child. Childcare is free for ages 13 months - 13 years and includes a fabulous storytime with KRL librarians.

If you are attending for the first time please arrive 30 minutes early for an illuminating and compelling orientation.

Choose a session that works for you - you may attend a session for EACH infant, toddler, or preschool child. Each season (fall, winter, and spring) material is new. Parents who start when your child is an infant may attend all 15 sessions prior to your child starting kindergarten. Children who start ahead, stay ahead year after year!

Childcare providers please register with Tracy: 360-874-7058

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